For the Faint of Heart

Alright I’m going to cheat here a little bit because this isn’t really an album: it’s a 2 song EP BUT in my defense I need people to find this damn EP and download it. This art is called Not for the Faint of Heart by the mysterious band Black Creek released just earlier this year in April. After some heavy sleuthing I’ve discovered the four man ensemble includes Brent Wijnberg and  Dave Gill on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Nat O’Rourke on bass and Patrick Murphey on drums. To answer your next question: yes, they are all as Irish as they sound. One of my favorite little niche’s about the band is that they’re fully blown Australian, classic Melbourne-ites in fact.

Not for the Faint of Heart is a spectacular piece with a sweet southern feel to it. The vocals are as aggressive as they are melodic and they surf the line of good and bad sound with such candid attitude that it makes young women blush. This toe-tapping smirk engaging both seems similar to every other southerny rocky songy thing; yet seems to do it so much better than everyone else. This song just feels like it knew exactly what it was doing and nailed it perfectly. This song is to alternative southern rock what Tony Hawk is to a 720° kickflip. Full of fun, full of energy, full of noise, and full of win.

The song stopping this EP from being a single is Gone is the Darkness, which is almost going in a completely different direction to the cover song; being much heavier-hearted and full of emotion. You can almost hear the tears as they build up under the eyes of the band as they play along lazily. To be perfectly honest I actually prefer this song to the other, probably because of the overflowing buckets of fells they seem to be carrying with them to the recording room. The song isn’t overly technical, and it’s not retard-pop-easy either; it’s casually experienced for lack of a better bizarre term. This song slid his way straight into my “the world is bad and I feel bad” playlist for a solid reason: it’s a damn good song.

The fact this EP only has the two songs built in makes it so much more astounding that it’s just this damn good. It really shows that the members of the band sat in a circle, staring at each other and coming to the conclusion “alright my warriors of feels and fun, we’re not going to be a band that uploads an album for the bitches-money-powah, we will not upload a song that we don’t enjoy.” Clearly months passed and so this 2 song audible sandwich was released and eager fans like the one tippy-tappy-typing right here and now are forced to wait patiently. Not a single whimper has been heard since the release and what else is strange is that I have only ever been able to find these 2 songs on I really don’t care if it sounds like I’m selling out because I just need people to hear this damn thing.

Have a swell day.
In the name that all is good.
I am Roxburgh.


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